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Synergy Circles

Coming your way starting

5th - 26th December 2020

"Because what the world needs is people who are alive".

- Howard Thurman

Synergy Circles attract their members. Through their unity and equality, members of the circle recieve enlightment and the strength they need to pursuit their dreams.  

Synergy Circles provide a safe haven for its members to explore within what they deeply desire and how they may achieve it.

Over a period of five weeks, every session, new tools are explored and used providing a building block for the next phase. From acknowledging boundaries to setting up safety nets for falls, Circle members support one another every step of the way.

Every Synergy Circle is limited to six members who meet for a total of ten hours. The synergy is not limited to the sessions. Between sessions you recieve support and guidance on applying the tools within your personal and professional roles. Continueing the gifts of the circle after the ten hours is optional however, so far members have continued to support one another coming to life together.

By joining a circle you take steps towards unlocking your deepest dreams. 

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