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Welcome to Living Quality,
a safe space for you to BE.

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     my name is Ammal. I       work with humans & businesses to balance the  co-existence of the professional & personal           aspects of life.


Services for You

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Circles attract like energies creating the environment and support you need to look within for your deepest dreams and make them come true.

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Ammal in formal business attire and head scarf loosely wrapped around head.

Things at work are not quite going the way you would like. Struggling between your career and everything else in your life. I work with you to find just the right balance for you. Here is how.

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You are feeling lost and unsure of yourself. You have so many options infront of you but hesitant about which one is the right one.

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Working with leaders on making their customers' journey memorably pleasant through fulfilled employees.

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You know you are destined for great things which you are working on but why do it alone?
Join a team of like minded humans who refuse to accept anything less than excellence.

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Community Feedback

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“By knowing who you are and what you stand for, you come to life's choices with the most powerful tool of all: your full self.”

Dr Susan David


Quality Circles


Business Coaching Client

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"It was an uplifting & empowering experience to be part of this mastermind group as it helps me to collaborate with diverse enterpenures & have powerful interactions with them. I highly recommend it as you move forward faster with the group than alone."

Mr Mohamed Salah

HR Professional

TRE Instructor

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"When your an enterpenure sometimes you get caught up with your own thoughts. A mastermind group is very important as it gives you a fresh perspective especially when you may face a problem in your business. It kept me on track & helped me both boost my skills & my business tremendously. Ammal was very professional, very supportive and very helpful. I recommend everyone to go through this experience with her."

Mrs Alia Alkhib

Hypnotherapy Provider

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Meet Ammal

"I'm a couragous, autonomous mother living with balance & integrity. By connecting with those around me, I inspire & support them to live authentically."

As an undergraduate, at Cal State LB, I discovered human development which I enjoyed studying along with interpersonal communication. However, returning to Saudi Arabia, in search of job opportunities, in 1998, I found myself in Quality Management (QM) and continued the path along with Customer Experience (CX) for the next 20 years. It all seemed well and dandy. I even went ot the UK on scholarship for a master's degree in Managing Healthcare Quality.

However, after becoming a mother, my life shifted. I was obsessed with the notion of balancing a full time corporate career, being a wife, step-mother, mom, daughter, sister and friend all at the same time.

Through my personal struggles, I made my way back to human development. This time, with a twist to include my QM and CX experience. Establishing my own consultancy, Living Quality.

My background of Saudi, German and American, along with my life's twists and turns have given me a unique approach to life. I share this with those in my community.

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